PPM ideaBoss

A SharePoint ideation solution, integrated for CA PPM

The most exciting benefit when it comes to Ideation and Demand Management for CA PPM is that it 
allows organizations to maximize their capacity to spark innovation by amplifying the voice of their 
internal personnel and external customers throughout their product and service offerings.




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Capable of great things

PPM ideaBoss is a SharePoint web interface for ideation that directly embeds into CA PPM.  Successful idea management for CA PPM allows everyone to tell you about your offerings or policies on their own terms; what is valuable or useless, what could be an incredible addition, or what would make them turn to your competitor. Now, you can ask them — all of them, easily and quickly, and they can respond just as simply, and they don’t have to be CA PPM licensed users.

Effective Demand Management planning for CA Clarity PPM requires that all ideas to be put in front of an idea management team for review. This ensures company goals are properly aligned before the idea is escalated to a CA Clarity PPM idea or better yet, transformed to a CA Clarity PPM project.

Use PPM ideaBoss SharePoint platform to

  • Align PPM strategies with resources. Maximize your capacity to drive innovation.
  • Amplify the voice of your customer throughout your offerings.
  • Attain a complete picture of “what’s hot and what’s not” .
  • Exponentially extend the reach of brainstorming across the global enterprise and marketplace.
  • Objectively measure market and management demand to ensure you deliver high value offerings.
  • Ensure ideas can be evaluated against strategy, resources, and cost.