ServiceNow to Microsoft Excel Integration

Business Challenge

In the course of normal operations, web based cloud business applications will often require mass data uploads or updates to large numbers of pages at the same time in short order. It's also critical to ensure data integrity in the process to provide enhanced accuracy of reporting and analysis for your C-level executives. These types of web based mass updates are tedious, slow, error prone and expensive to implement. They do not provide the ability to drag & drop or copy & paste large numbers of fields at the same time that ultimately slows productivity. ServiceNow is a typical example of a cloud application where mass data updates are costly and difficult to apply without the right tools.   

Solution Details

The ServiceNow Excel Interface is a unique and complex tool/macro IT-ROI has developed to work inside of Microsoft Excel that integrates with ServiceNow.  Although complex under the hood, it is very easy and intuitive to use, taking advantage of user familiarity with Microsoft Excel and its UI time and cost saving advantages, such as block copy/paste, search/replace, auto-increment fields, formatting, inserting new rows and many others. 

The ServiceNow Interface provides organizations the flexibility that is necessary to upload/edit any and all custom objects in your ServiceNow environment with end user administration, reporting and auditing of all data loads.  The interface first obtains data from ServiceNow, then displays it in Excel to allow for all types of time and cost saving advantages such as, mass edits, additions, and deletions.  When the user is satisfied that their data changes are correct, they can then upload the data back into ServiceNow automatically with the ability to validate their data in flight to ensure that data quality is maintained. 

Business Challenges

ca-ppm-admin.pngEnd Users


> Updating Hardware Assets

The end user's company that he works for has 3000 computers that have reached the end of their life span and need they need to be replaced. The end user was tasked to depreciate them to zero, then make them inactive and take them out of use. Then 3000 new computers needed to be created from a list of invoices that came in as part of our hardware assets.

Watch the video and see how it was done quickly using the Excel Interface for ServiceNow.


> Auditing and Reporting

Information is one of the most valuable assets for any business, since important decisions are based on it. Along with the need of performing massive data updates, it is very important to have full traceability of the changes made. and more than that, the need to be able to quickly trace any issue to support our users and come up with a solution, especially when there is an urgency.

Through IT-ROI’s middleware tool - Integration Manager, I have the ability to seamlessly audit and trace all the data requests sent by the Excel Interface users. With this middleware, I have a dashboard to monitor the use of the tool and the status of the requests, I can get reporting on the data loads and I can even set notifications.

ca-ppm-resource-manager.png Management

> Change Review Board Meetings

Change Review Board meetings are always cumbersome within the organization I work for. We have to pull out all our change requests so we can to review them all, make notes, vote and approve the appropriate ones, there is never enough time. Everyone takes their own notes separately in the meeting and they have to go back into ServiceNow and update those notes at a later time.

So, navigating through all the change requests and uploading all the notes is our biggest pain point that we need help with.

Watch the video and see how it was done quickly using the Excel Integration for ServiceNow.




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