ServiceNow Integration with Microsoft Excel Webinar


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Learn how to leverage the power of Microsoft Excel to view, create and modify all your ServiceNow data quickly and easily.


The shear volume of ServiceNow data organizations have to edit can be a time consuming and tiresome process. Bi-directional Excel integration for ServiceNow allows organizations to make mass changes to their data using tools they are already have and are familiar with - Microsoft Excel.

When it comes to ServiceNow Asset Management, what happens when you have thousands and thousands of hardware asset changes to make in short order? Is that work done manually? With the Excel interface, the work can be done in minutes, not days or even weeks in some cases.

Watch the webinar and see how you can mass update your ServiceNow data lightening fast.

Webinar Topics

  • What is the Excel Interface
  • Mass update your ServiceNow data in 4 steps info-graphic
  • Benefits of managing your enterprise data via Excel
  • Asset Management Demo – End users updatng Hardware Assets
  • ServiceNow Administrators Updating and Creating Projects Demo
  • Management in Change Review Board Meetings Demo