ServiceNow Reporting via SharePoint and Excel Webinar - 12 Minute Clip

Posted @ 10/29/2017  04:46 PM By Marc Latreille

Stop fishing for the right information and see how you can improve your data-driven decision making and reporting capabilities in less than 12 minutes.

Check out the "How to Get Reliable and Real-time ServiceNow Reports via SharePoint and Excel Webinar" clip.


The clip primarily covers the demo portions from the webinar, including:

  • The benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint and Excel as your enterprise reporting solution. 
  • How to display ServiceNow data via Microsoft Excel very quickly and in a repeatable manner.
  • How to build reports from your ServiceNow data and display them in SharePoint in real-time

> MP4 version (opens and plays in a new tab)




(With the PDF slide presentation available to download)


The full version of the webinar includes the following topics:

  • Data-driven decision making importance and challenges.

  • The 4 big "V" enemies of managing your data.

  • Solutions to help make decision making easier and more effective.

  • Demo - How to visualize all your ServiceNow data in SharePoint and Excel with consistent “real time” information.

  • Demo - How to put everything together from multiple applications to create one holistic view.
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