ServiceNow Asset Management - How to Update and Load Hardware Assets using Microsoft Excel

Posted @ 07/28/2017  07:00 PM By Marc Latreille


During our recent webinar on Microsoft Excel integration with ServiceNow we provided a use case and demo around Asset Management, specifically on outdated Hardware Assets (updating and loading back to ServiceNow). The interest and questions generated around this topic was very popular, so I thought I would cut a clip from the webinar and make a stand-alone video for ServiceNow Asset Management - updating outdated hardware assets. 



Here is a use case that a customer came to us with, we altered the numbers for this presentation, but the problem was that they needed a faster and better way to manage/update their assets compared to the manual method they were previously doing. 

ServiceNow Asset Management - end users

End Users Updating Outdated Hardware Assets:
 Our company has 3000 computers that have reached the end of their life span and we need to replace them. I was tasked to depreciate them to zero, then make them inactive and take them out of use. I then need to create 3000 new computers from a list of invoices that came in as part of our hardware assets.



Steps to update and load ServiceNow Asset Management data using Microsoft Excel:


> MP4 Version (opens and plays in a new window/tab)

Other use cases were also presented during the webinar, here are the topics that were included in the full presentation:

  • What is the Excel Interface
  • Mass update your ServiceNow data in 4 steps info-graphic
  • Benefits of managing your enterprise data via Excel
  • Asset Management Demo – End users updatng Hardware Assets
  • ServiceNow Administrators Updating and Creating Projects Demo
  • Management in Change Review Board Meetings Demo


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