IT-ROI is Globally SOC-certified for Excellence

Posted @ 06/19/2015  04:46 PM By Marc Latreille

IT-ROI Solutions is now globally SOC-certified for the excellence of our internal and external IT services & systems. This is encouraging news for IT-ROI, as this certification essentially reaffirms our self-proclaimed stance of excellence. We have always talked a big game when it comes to being PPM integration software vendors, as creditability and trust is everything.  Our IM and SA teams had some discussions around this, and I want to share the good word.

Here is how our internal discussions went describing what all of this means to us, and to you.  


 SOC (Service Organization Controls a.k.a. SSAE16) certification is about international service organization reporting standards and being open and transparent with our customers so that they have complete confidence in us.

SOC certification = IT-ROI Solutions meeting global standards of excellence for their internal and external business processes & systems - everything from managing employee hires & fires, employee training, phone systems, answering & ticketing systems, accounting standards, security (physical & virtual), customer info management, etc.  The SOC/SSAE16 is pretty much auditing/financial statement/IT related verification to prove to outside organizations that we are a 100% substantiated company that meets international standards.

In short, it is an audited snapshot of the whole way IT-ROI works internally and externally as a company.  We are now officially audited & certified internationally as “excellent” in our business processes & systems.

The key takeaway here is that although this certification was originally intended to be an internal process to help us enter into the Enterprise Application Hosting space with confidence, it opened all our eyes to the fact that we have been doing something right along the way. We are all better inspired now because of this to achieve higher standards of excellence, and to innovate with raised up passion. Oh, and yes, Enterprise Application Hosting services are now available at IT-ROI, more official news is coming soon, stay tuned.  

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