How to use XOG for CA Clarity PPM

Posted @ 03/17/2017  04:21 PM By Marc Latreille


Are you and your team struggling with XOG? Are you having constant troubles using XOG to get data in or out of CA Clarity PPM? Well, you're at the right place to get help with your XOG frustrations.

We have a webinar just for you, it's all about XOG and how to import/export large data sets to/from CA Clarity PPM with tips & tricks. Plus, this post contains a use case on data loads into CA PPM and how to do it easily with a video tutorial. 

Webinar On-demand

With Free XOG Resources Included

  • Action Items - how to approve or send statuses of Action Items directly through the API layer
  • How to use Excel to map data into XOG files, then update directly to CA PPM
  • XSLT examples (XML transformation)
  • Tips and tricks and queries
  • XQ user guide and video tutorials access

Stop Struggling with XOG webinar


CA PPM Data Loads

Your organization just acquired a company who uses MS Project Server and you need to move your project data from MSP to CA PPM. In a nut shell, these are the steps that were performed (see video for full demonstration):

Step 1: 
The data was extracted from the source system

Step 2:
The data was put into Microsoft Excel

Step 3: 
Then the XQ Data Loader tool was used to map the values to XOG and load to CA Clarity PPM




If you need help with XOG on any level, we can be your "goto" XOG shop. All you have to do is contact our support team, and we'll be all over it to help get you back on track.


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