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Posted @ 04/13/2017  02:36 PM By Marc Latreille

HXOG Tips and Tricksere are some XOG tips, tricks and queries for CA PPM. These are the most common and helpful items our XOG & Query Bridge user community have been requesting, so I thought I would share with everyone.

If you are new to XOG, you might want to take a look around our blog, we have several webinars on demand that will help you greatly, and we have a popular XOG tool that makes working with CA PPM's XOG much simpler. 

XOG and Query Client for CA PPMDon't forget that our XOG tool is fully supported and we love to help. If you require any assistance with using the tool or if you have any XOG related questions in general, please open a help and support ticket with us, and we'll get right on it.



Here is what you get:

1. Action Items - how to approve or send statuses of Action Items directly through the API layer

2. How to use Excel to map data into XOG files, then update directly to CA PPM

3. Avoid auto numbering pitfalls, XSLT examples - XML transformation

4. Query - Get lookups in custom attributes of a object -- Handy to pull correct lookups prior to Xogging the object.

5. Query - Get Lookup values as well as partition information for lookups that are attached to custom attributes.

6. Query - Get the custom attributes from the system -- Handy to compare attributes between 2 systems.

7. XOG & Query Bridge user guide and video tutorials access.

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