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Customers vs Clients, What's the Difference?

By Luis Palacios On September 22, 2017

I am the Support Manager for IT-ROI Solutions and I would like to share the differences between having customers vs clients, well how we see it anyhow.

Even though these two words are similar, there's a significant difference. Clients will come back, a relationship is developed and nurtured, trust is built with your company and overtime they increase your bottom line and promote your brand to others. Whereas Customers, well read on to see how we break it down

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CA PPM 14.2 Tips & Tricks - Jaspersoft Server as a Windows Service

By Luis Palacios On April 29, 2015

As new releases come out, there are always new Tips & Tricks to be shared with the CA PPM community. OOB Jaspersoft configuration for the CA PPM 14.2 release will not run properly as a Windows service, and we have the solution.

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Free CA PPM Portlet: Timesheet Actuals

By Luis Palacios On March 27, 2015

Updated June 12, 2015it-roi-ca-ppm-portlet-timesheet-actuals

One of the most common requests we receive over the years is to simplify data analysis in CA PPM. Reviewing actuals for a specific resource in CA PPM can sometimes require extensive clicks, that wastes too much time, especially if the level of detail the user wants is high.

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MSP Scheduler Unable to Open Projects or Saving Back to CA PPM

By Luis Palacios On March 12, 2015

ca-ppm-logoIn the last couple of months we’ve received various inquiries on the MSP connector provided by CA Technologies. The main problem that comes to mind are issues when trying to open the drop down menu under the project, to open in scheduler. Or to save back into CA PPM if the settings are not correct in NSA.

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CA PPM: Security error when adding a resource in Project, Team, Staff Page or adding a project to Resource, Allocation page.

By Luis Palacios On November 21, 2014

ERROR : "One or more resources could not be added. Possibly due to security"

When adding a resource in Project > Team > Staff Page or adding a project to Resource > Allocation page, if the user selects the checkbox for one or more project or resource that is already listed before clicking 'Add', an error is thrown in the UI: "One or more resources could not be added. Possibly due to security"The same issue arises also when you try to add a project to a resource's Allocation Tab, after selecting one or more projects that is already added to the resource.
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CA PPM - Timesheets filter: Auto-suggest for the OBS Unit field never returns any OBS Units.

By Luis Palacios On November 20, 2014

Description: In the CA PPM Timesheets filter, the Auto-suggest feature will never return any OBS Units. It will always read "No results match" instead.

Products: CA PPM, CA Governance, Risk & Compliance Manager

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CA Clarity configuration nightmares: lost NSA configuration or database invalid.

By Luis Palacios On September 12, 2014

Out in the wild when modifying/upgrading/installing/configuring NSA or Clarity config files you may end up on quite the situation, out of nowhere one of the following issues can occur:
  • NSA configuration is lost and you may receive a label indicating properties are invalid.
    This issue is common when an admin presses more than once the save button in NSA or if during save any tripwire or AV software rejects the operation.

    If you go to your properties file it will be empty, and therefore our best recommendation is either restore from a previous backup or query the settings from the cmn_config table.

  • Another issue that may occur is that your application won’t start and the DB will be in an invalid state.

    The first thing to do is check the DB has not suffered any changes or integrity issues. Proceed to test the configuration from NSA, preferably using a query tool to make sure the credentials haven’t changed or expired. After confirming all of the above, if the issue still persists go into NIKU_ROOT/config/ If the file is empty or does not match your current version go ahead and contact CA Support as this file is used to validate the database current version against the application’s current one.


CA PPM ask an expert panel

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Error "ODF-0101: No object found" after deleting sub object that has virtual attribute that reference an attribute of the master object

By Luis Palacios On August 29, 2014

Hello PPMers,

Here is a CA Clarity tutorial that you may find useful:

Error "ODF-0101: No object found" after deleting sub object that has virtual attribute that reference an attribute of the master object
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Fiscal period in use - Clarity PPM Query and Cost Plans

By Luis Palacios On August 29, 2014

Cost Plans provide great functionality in Clarity PPM. It is common for several users to have access to them. So it’s easy to end in a fiscal period nightmare if you make a typo when creating the fiscal periods.We have seen this case with several customers, when they realize the periods are not accurate. By the time they realize this, a user already created a Clarity PPM Cost Plan and as soon as they try to delete or deactivate, the system won’t allow it. If your Clarity PPM environment has a couple thousand projects and a handful of PMs, it is going to be painful to track the culprit and remove it.

The below Clarity PPM query can easily identify time periods in use and provide information about the investment:

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Time-Scaled Clarity PPM Portlet: Error when scrolling

By Luis Palacios On August 15, 2014

When working with Clarity PPM it is pretty common to get an error and navigate to your logs to find the exact exception and start troubleshooting. But what happens when you get an error and no message is printed out?We had a similar situation this week, a user updated a time-scaled portlet and each time a user scrolled the scale, they would get a popup with no details or messages in the log. We then identified that if the error occurs on the client side it may not get to the server, and because CA Clarity PPM is strong in JS it is fairly easy to face this issues.

In this case the issue was reproducible when adding a time scaled attribute without defining the number of periods to display. Once the portlet was reconfigured it has not occurred again.


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