ServiceNow Integration with SharePoint On-demand Webinar with Q&A

By Marc Latreille On June 16, 2017

ServiceNow integration with SharePoint is a popular topic in the ServiceNow communities. People and organizations want to utilize SharePoint for its strengths like document and content management. We conducted a survey at the end of the webinar with over 800 attendees and got some great feedback of what everyone wants when it comes to ServiceNow topics of interest. API and Enterprise integrations for ServiceNow was the standout most wanted topic, second was documentation management, and third CMDB or Configuration Management Database. 

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ServiceNow Connector for SharePoint Top 3 Benefits with Info-graphic

By Marc Latreille On April 19, 2017

The ServiceNow connector for SharePoint helps reduce expensive processes that delay maintenance activities, spare part changes or service requests in general for your organization. It does this by allowing easy and timely access enterprise-wide to ServiceNow content via SharePoint, without the hassle of setting up and maintaining user accounts. At the same time your organization will increase user adoption and decrease training costs by allowing everyone to use a platform that they are already familiar with - SharePoint.

What makes IT-ROI's ServiceNow connector for SharePoint so valuable to organizations?

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Get XOG Tips and Tricks and Useful CA PPM Queries

By Marc Latreille On April 13, 2017

Here are some XOG tips, tricks and queries for CA PPM. These are the most common and helpful items our XOG & Query Bridge user community have been requesting, so I thought I would share with everyone.

If you are new to XOG, you might want to take a look around our blog, we have several webinars on demand that will help you greatly, and we have a popular XOG tool that makes working with CA PPM's XOG much simpler. 

XOG and Query Client for CA PPMDon't forget that our XOG tool is fully supported and we love to help. If you require any assistance with using the tool or if you have any XOG related questions in general, please open a help and support ticket with us, and we'll get right on it.

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How to use XOG for CA Clarity PPM

By Marc Latreille On March 17, 2017

Are you and your team struggling with XOG? Are you having constant troubles using XOG to get data in or out of CA Clarity PPM? Well, you're at the right place to get help with your XOG frustrations.

We have a webinar just for you, it's all about XOG and how to import/export large data sets to/from CA Clarity PPM with tips & tricks. Plus, this post contains a use case on data loads into CA PPM and how to do it easily with a video tutorial. 

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CA PPM SharePoint Integration Connector vs. IT-ROI's: A Side-by-Side Comparison

By Marc Latreille On February 17, 2017

Over the year’s companies have reached out to us with a major need to integrate SharePoint with CA PPM. We have learned a great deal about the business challenges these companies face. From management needing consolidated up-to-date reports across systems, to project managers requiring a better way to manage documentation and document approvals. The challenges list goes on and on, and we can proudly say that our SharePoint Solution for CA PPM solves most of them. 

During the sales process, we are often asked to provide a list of what our SharePoint Connector can do compared to CA's offering. In fact, CA themselves have requested this comparison many times when they resell our SharePoint products. So, I thought I'd publish it so everyone has access.

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Bad data going in has a damaging impact on the quality of data coming out.

By Marc Latreille On February 11, 2017

How to Ensure PPM Data Accuracy for Executive Reports Webinar

Ensuring that the data in your PPM is up-to-date and accurate is vital so that management can improve upon business planning and investments can be maximized. 

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How To Enforce PPM Information Governance Using SharePoint

By Marc Latreille On January 06, 2017

You will learn during this webinar how top PPM offerings such as CA PPM, HP PPM and Servicenow benefit from being integrated with SharePoint from an information governance perspective. SharePoint provides an easier way to manage access and restrictions across the enterprise and incorporates information security and protection to allow for more reliable information management.

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CA PPM Excel Interface Success With Western Digital

By Marc Latreille On January 04, 2017



Ron is so delighted that he recently summed up the benefits of the PPM Excel Interface Western Digital realized since they implemented the solution back in early 2016 and sent us this:

(I'll embed some short videos at the bottom to show how some of the use cases Ron describes are done)

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How to Update CA PPM Cost Plans Using Microsoft Excel

By Marc Latreille On November 21, 2016

Updating Cost Plans in CA PPM is work that is often considered to be labor intensive and complicated. The PPM Excel Interface provides the ability for your team to easily make multiple modifications at the same time using an Excel sheet to manipulate grid based data using Excel's native Drag & Drop, Cut & Paste, and Auto Complete functionality. 

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How to Change CA PPM Allocations to a Project

By Marc Latreille On November 09, 2016

Managing CA PPM allocations or grid based data in web applications can be tedious and time consuming, specially when you need to work on multiple projects at the same time.

This video tutorial looks at a case study for a resource manager who has been tasked to change the Allocations to a project that has been deprioritized. The Allocations need to be dropped by 90%.

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