Building SharePoint OnPremise and SharePoint Online Reusable Applications. Part 1: Architecture

By José Ubaldo Carvajal On December 15, 2017

IT-ROI Solutions are working on several SharePoint (On-Premise and Online) projects. We are constantly looking for updates on software development technologies to provide a better user experience (UX) with our SharePoint integration products.

This post is going to show you the approach to build a SharePoint Front-end application that could be reused in different SharePoint distributions: SharePoint On-Premise and SharePoint Online.

Sometimes SharePoint native components are not enough to create highly interactive applications, we must provide new mechanisms for developing these kinds of applications.

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CA PPM Implementation Strategy “Divide and Conquer”

By Viviana Franco On December 08, 2017

The need to implement CA PPM inside an organization normally surges from wanting to replace an existing tool or shifting their project management methodology towards a tool such as CA PPM.


Implementation issues arise when they want to model the exact same formats, fields and workflows without keeping in mind the tool’s native functionality. Organizations also focus on carrying out an implementation that meets all the requirements and encompasses the entire project in a single phase.

All of this leads to project failure because:

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Challenges of Implementing Business Management Systems (BMS)

By Néstor Cordero On December 07, 2017

All companies, no matter its origin, whether its public or private, have business strategies based on growth, resource generation and the wellbeing of its people. With a mission to provide quality products and services that meet the demanding conditions of its clients and customers alike while delivering the implied value promise. This quest for excellence has led companies to implement business management systems that support the organizational processes in an easy and efficient way.

Thus, companies articulate and integrate with each of these systems to attain their value promise in operational feasibility and efficiency represented in organizational productivity.


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CA PPM Reporting via SharePoint and Excel Webinar - 14 Minute Clip

By Marc Latreille On October 29, 2017

Stop fishing for the right information and see how you can improve your data-driven decision making and reporting capabilities in less than 14 minutes.

Check out the "How to Get Reliable and Real-time CA PPM Reports via SharePoint and Excel Webinar" clip.

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ServiceNow Reporting via SharePoint and Excel Webinar - 12 Minute Clip

By Marc Latreille On October 29, 2017

Stop fishing for the right information and see how you can improve your data-driven decision making and reporting capabilities in less than 12 minutes.

Check out the "How to Get Reliable and Real-time ServiceNow Reports via SharePoint and Excel Webinar" clip.

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ServiceNow and CA PPM Integration with SharePoint - Your Single Source Enterprise Content Management System

By Federico Pena On October 04, 2017

Here is a short animated video all about Bob and his daily struggles with enterprise content management and decision making. The video outlines our ServiceNow and CA PPM to SharePoint Integration suite (ecBoss) and how it makes sense to leverage SharePoint as your single source Enterprise Content Management system.

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Customers vs Clients, What's the Difference?

By Luis Palacios On September 22, 2017

I am the Support Manager for IT-ROI Solutions and I would like to share the differences between having customers vs clients, well how we see it anyhow.

Even though these two words are similar, there's a significant difference. Clients will come back, a relationship is developed and nurtured, trust is built with your company and overtime they increase your bottom line and promote your brand to others. Whereas Customers, well read on to see how we break it down

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Making the Right Decisions based on Data and Business Knowledge

By Diego Angarita On September 21, 2017

“If you know your enemy and you know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles”, Sun Tzu

At some point in life, every person in this world has been forced to make a decision whether it's what they’re having for breakfast or even to decide who they’ll marry, decisions are a daily thing in life for all human beings. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines Decision as “a determination arrived at after consideration”, or more simply put, it’s choosing between 2 or more alternatives. These decisions depend on situation, circumstances, objectives, goals, and the expected results. But decision-making affects not only the lives of human beings, they’re also present in the business world, and this is where we’ll focus.

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3 Simple Steps That Will Help Improve Your Managerial Information Process

By Néstor Cordero On September 15, 2017

"For your company to reach great distances, there’s no better vehicle than information" - Néstor Cordero

Information within organizations has been a critical success factor, from the dawn of industrialization, data generation and their use for strategic management and decision making has marked the fate of companies. From the 20th Century and even more during the 21st, the revolution of information technologies and the implementation of entrepreneurial systems generated an exponential increase in the amount of data provided by a company’s different areas, presenting a challenge for upper management that requires a structured systemic process to be able to transform the sea of data into efficient and effective information which rebound in effective decision making for the organization.

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Top 4 Challenges in Enterprise Content Management - ECM

By Nestor Beleno On September 14, 2017

In recent years organizations of any type or industry produce large amounts of information. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a concept that involves the techniques and tools that are used to efficiently manage that information and content generated by organizations.

Enterprise Content Management includes the process of controlling the life cycle of documents from their creation to their disposal. Business content is knowledge and therefore a good ECM strategy in an organization supports the process of knowledge management.

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