How to get Reliable and Real-time ServiceNow Reports via SharePoint and Excel Webinar On-demand


It's critical that every business gets the right information to the right people at the right time to help them make better decisions. But inflexible reporting capabilities makes this challenge difficult.

Microsoft SharePoint and Excel allows organizations to visualize their ServiceNow data in real-time and with incredible reliability and accuracy. From Grid, Chart, Gantt, Pivot tables and custom HTML reports, you will be able to display anything that's retrievable through your ServiceNow database. You can show the data of a particular element (e.g. Incident) or the entire system (e.g. total expenditure of Projects during 2017).


 Join us and see how it's done. 

Webinar Topics

  • Data-driven decision making importance and challenges.

  • Solutions to help make decision making easier and more effective.

  • Demo - How to visualize all your ServiceNow data in SharePoint and Excel with consistent “real time” information.

  • Demo - How to interact and manipulate your ServiceNow data directly from SharePoint and Excel.

  • Demo - How to put everything together from multiple applications to create one holistic view of what's important to you. 

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