How to enforce PPM Information Governance using SharePoint.


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SharePoint integrated with your PPM helps overcome the top information governance challenges facing organizations.

With data volumes growing exponentially and increasing demands being placed on how to access and leverage this data, information governance is an integral part of the project management process. 

ppm-information-governance.pngYou will learn during this webinar how top PPM offerings such as CA PPM, HP PPM and ServiceNow benefit from being integrated with SharePoint from an information governance perspective. SharePoint provides an easier way to manage access and restrictions across the enterprise. And, SharePoint incorporates information security and protection to allow for more reliable information management.

Webinar topics: ppm-information-governance-1.png

  • What is Information Governance for PPM
  • The main issues with Information Governance
  • How to improve Information Governance
  • Simplicity in Project Management - documents & collaboration
  • Live demo - SharePoint integrated with PPM
  • Question and answer session