ServiceNow Integration with SharePoint


ecBoss - ServiceNow to SharePoint Content Bridge

Business Challenge

How much does service management cost your organization each year? Not knowing can be very expensive in processes that delay maintenance activities, spare part changes or service requests in general. Today, more than ever, IT companies tend to adopt lean practices that reduce delays in response times. Expand the ServiceNow enterprise-class solutions by allowing people to quickly access service requests from SharePoint and enhance their interactions with internal stakeholders towards an effective solution. Also, integrate relevant insights from Service Management to executive reports for decision making via SharePoint. 

Solution Details

ecBoss is an enterprise-wide bridge that enables a flexible and comprehensive ServiceNow integration with SharePoint. It enables your organization to take advantage of SharePoint's enhanced collaboration features that allows quick and effective information access from different stakeholders within the enterprise. It speeds up the processes required to address service management such as inventory requests and incidents that improves response times and internal and external customer satisfaction.

ecBoss allows stakeholders to access documentation and information tailored to their needs. It also facilitates teamwork and helps build a lean and smarter organization.

  • Collaborative documentation management via SharePoint that reduces teamwork redundant efforts in preparing deliverables and rework.
  • Create a SharePoint site by each asset type to manage inventory information.
  • Easy and timely access to ServiceNow content via SharePoint, without the hassle of setting up and maintaining user accounts.
  • Get real-time visibility on service requests evolution through SharePoint.
  • Integrated security - leverages SharePoint’s permissions model and inherits security
    from ServiceNow.
  • Visualize all your ServiceNow data in SharePoint with consistent “real time” information.
  • Increase user adoption and decrease training costs by using SharePoint’s familiar UI.

Business Roles and Challenges

ca-ppm-admin.png SharePoint Administrator


> IT Services Manager

Recently, our company acquired an IT Service Management tool with impressive integration capabilities. However, I was requested to participate in numerous efforts to build custom SharePoint integrations with a narrow scope. We have very competent people, so the team quickly became proficient in creating these types of integrations. Unfortunately, the use of these general purpose integration tools increased the maintenance efforts and I needed to be involved in every project. It quickly became a nightmare for all of us. With ecBoss, we converted the custom integrations into modular and configurable web parts that made it easy to create, maintain and manage.

ServiceNow ManagementManagement 

> Decision Making and Reporting

As a high-level manager I am tasked with having to learn several different tools so I can see the related content to help make decisions. Since I do not log in to these applications very often, I find the learning curve to navigate so I can find the relative content in each platform tedious.

With ecBoss, I can now see the content I need from all the different ServiceNow tools in one consolidated view using SharePoint’s easy to use familiar platform. Management can now easily create additional views/reports and share them across the enterprise without the need of any programming.

  ca-ppm-resource-manager.png End User


> Team Collaboration

Without an easy way to upload/download multiple documents at once, and without the ability to drag and drop and mapping network drives, maintaining and updating documentation is a repetitive nightmare.

ecBoss provides the solution we needed by allowing SharePoint to leverage its collaboration features for our ServiceNow instance. The extended functionality also included; full search capabilities, document repository, automated document approvals and we can share documents throughout the entire enterprise now. Maintaining our documentation is no longer tedious, it’s actually quick and easy and our team members are more productive as a result.

> Requests

I spend most of my time working in SharePoint, it provides everything I need to do my everyday work. Whenever I make a request to the IT Department, I need to log into a separate system to follow up. Now with ecBoss deployed, I can see my requests status in SharePoint that’s only a few clicks away.

> Fulfiller (ITIL User)

There are several incidents, problems and changes that require a huge amount of collaborative work. Very often, we perform tasks that require a close interaction with vendors, contractors and other areas of the company that don’t have access to our main IT Service Management tool. We want to keep it that way since there are a lot of sensitive information there. We have been users of SharePoint for long time and thanks to ecBoss we can selectively share relevant information via SharePoint, among many groups (internal and external), without compromising information security, and without the need of coding.

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