CA Clarity PPM Integration with SharePoint


CA PPM Integration with SharePoint


Business Challenge

Access to critical business data is difficult and typically out of date, making it a constant struggle for organizations and project teams to accomplish key functions and tasks. Getting real time visibility into project status, cost reporting, project issues and the health of projects are some of the most common and costly challenges companies face with CA Clarity PPM. Additionally, managing project documentation, approvals and team collaboration across the enterprise are key issues that slow down productivity. Companies need to facilitate their employees with a consistent accessible user experience, making user adoption critical to help reduce training costs and to enable informed actions and business decisions. 

Solution Details

ecBoss is a SharePoint integration solution for CA Clarity PPM that provides enterprise-wide visibility of your systems data. Executives, managers and employees will get access to the tools and data they need, when they need it, without the red tape.

Your organization will be able to attain, update/edit and visualize systems and project data seamlessly with the ability to create/deliver “real time” reports without delay. ecBoss also unlocks SharePoint’s popular document and collaboration features for the entire enterprise that drives adoption and allows for increased effectiveness with document approvals, document management, workflows and team collaboration.

  • Automatically provisions a SharePoint site or project work space.
  • Integrated security - leverages SharePoint’s permissions model
    and inherits security from your PPM.
  • Leverages SharePoint document and collaboration features.
  • Unlock rich business data found in your core systems by easily
    creating any bi-directional integration your company requires.
  • Visualize all your systems data in SharePoint with
    consistent “real time” information.
  • Increase user adoption and decrease training costs by using SharePoint’s familiar UI.

Business Roles and Challenges

ca-ppm-admin.png SharePoint Administrator


> Site Creation & Access Managment

To ensure our teams have access to the required collaboration features to do their jobs effectively, I'm being requested to enable functionality, create countless SharePoint sites as well as control the access rights for each one of them.

ecBoss takes care of the operational load for me of creating the sites and assigning permissions automatically while I can focus on critical business concerns.


> Decision Making

As a high-level manager I am tasked with having to learn several different tools so I can see the related data to help make decisions. Since I do not log in to these applications very often, I find the learning curve to navigate so I can find the relative data in each platform tedious.

With IT-ROI’s bi-directional SharePoint connector, I can now see the data I need from all the different tools in one consolidated view using SharePoint’s easy to use familiar platform. Our PM's, Admins and myself can now easily create additional views/reports and share them across the enterprise without the need of any programming.

  ca-ppm-resource-manager.png Reporting and 
Project Manager


> Data Visualization

Have you ever heard the analogy “PPM eats like an elephant but poops like a mouse”? Well, it’s true! Our PPM consumes data easily, but it’s very hard to visualize the data we want, when we want it. This requires a lot of work to feed the data in from our various sources.

With ecBoss we have gotten rid of the intermediate steps required to extract, validate and manually prepare reports that was always a timely and costly process. Now we have them available on demand in our collaborative environment for the appropriate teams and decision makers. Everything is accessible and customizable with a few clicks and everyone can see exactly what they need to see.

> Document Approval Reports

We use a Project Charter Document that’s the lifeline for our projects as well as other documents that are uploaded and need approval before the project can move forward. Sometimes we can have hundreds of documents pending approval by twenty or so different people for a single project. There is no quick and easy way to know who is holding up my project process because a particular component hasn’t been approved yet.

ecBoss includes a Document Approval Report that looks for all the documents that require approval and reports on them. Now I have all the information I need in one place and can easily see where the bottlenecks are and act on it.

PPM team member Team Member


> Risks, Issues and Change Requests

Whenever I am requested to create a new Risk for example, I have to contact one of our team members who has system access so it can be manually entered in for me for the risk to actually appear. With the bi-directional integration suite we can save time and make it easier for our power users by giving them access to create/modify/update Risks, Issues and Change Requests directly from SharePoint.

> Project Collaboration

Without an easy way to upload/download multiple documents at once, and without the ability to drag and drop and mapping network drives to projects, maintaining and updating documentation is a repetitive nightmare.

The SharePoint integration suite provides the solution we needed by allowing SharePoint to leverage its collaboration features for our PPM. The extended functionality also included; full search capabilities, document repository for projects, automated document approval via Outlook and we can share documents throughout the enterprise now. Maintaining our project documentation is no longer tedious, it’s actually quick and easy and our team members are more productive as a result.

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(Please note ecBoss is the new name for PPM Boss to reflect the new service offerings it provides, the Documentation site will be updated soon to reflect the new branding.)