CA PPM Microsoft Excel Interface

CA Clarity PPM Tools - Microsoft Excel Integration

Business Challenge

In the course of normal operations, web based business applications will often require mass data uploads or updates to large numbers of pages at the same time in short order. It's also critical to ensure data integrity in the process to provide enhanced accuracy of reporting and analysis for your C-level executives. These types of web based mass updates are tedious, slow, error prone and expensive to implement. They do not provide the ability to drag & drop or copy & paste large numbers of fields at the same time that ultimately slows productivity. CA PPM (formerly CA Clarity PPM) is a typical example of a web application where mass data updates are costly and difficult to apply without the right tools.   

Solution Details

The PPM Excel Interface is a unique and complex tool/macro IT-ROI has developed to work inside of Microsoft Excel that integrates with CA Clarity PPM.  Although complex under the hood, it is very easy and intuitive to use, taking advantage of user familiarity with Microsoft Excel and its UI time and cost saving advantages, such as block copy/paste, search/replace, auto-increment fields, formatting, inserting new rows, and many others. 

The PPM Excel Interface provides organizations the flexibility that is necessary to upload/edit any and all custom objects in your PPM environment with end user administration, reporting and auditing of all data loads.  The interface first obtains data from CA PPM, then displays it in Excel to allow for all types of time and cost saving advantages such as, mass edits, additions, and deletions.  When the user is satisfied that their data changes are correct, they can then upload the data back into CA PPM automatically with the ability to validate their data in flight to ensure that data quality is maintained. 

Business Roles and Challenges

ca-ppm-admin.pngPPM Administrator


> Uploading Data

Our business frequently has a need to upload new projects, ideas, resources, and incidents to our PPM environments, but we continually faced technical challenges that resulted in these data uploads taking too much time to get the work done. The PPM Excel Interface removed the technical glitches we faced daily with its 100% automated XOG technology. Our users are now able to get the job done hassle free and on time.

> Staff Changes

As staff roles and positions change, the impact and work required to make those changes throughout all of our resources and projects are traditionally very time consuming and costly.

The PPM Excel Interface allows us to make those changes much more efficiently because everyone in our team is used to using Microsoft Excel’s familiar UI. Also the technical know-how normally required to do the job is removed with IT-ROI’s automated XOG technology that the PPM Excel Interface provides for data extracts and pushes with CA PPM.

> Company Reorgs

When our company focus shifts to stay on top as industry leaders in the Automotive industry, there is a need for our projects or resources to move from one department to another. The PPM Excel Interface allows us to make these changes all in one page at one time using Microsoft Excel.

ca-ppm-project-manager.pngProject Manager

> Cost Plans

Updating Cost Plans for our organization is tedious work that is not cost effective. The PPM Excel Interface provides the ability for our team to easily make multiple modifications at the same time using an Excel sheet to manipulate grid based data using Excel's native Drag & Drop, Cut & Paste, and Auto Complete functionality.

ca-ppm-resource-manager.pngResource Manager

> Allocations

Manipulating allocations or grid based data in web applications can be tedious and time consuming, specially when you need to work on multiple projects at the same time.




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