Why CA PPM enterprise integrations do not have to be complex and expensive



TCA-PPM-Prebuilt-Integratons-value-for-money.pnghe common misconception in the PPM world is that enterprise integrations are complex and expensive. PPM Consulting and Service companies generally portray that building enterprise integrations take up to a month, and sometimes even longer, when in reality, it's a simple ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process that can be done in days.

This Webinar breaks down this misconception and shows how enterprise integrations for CA PPM can be simplified and cost effective using a cloud model.

Webinar Topics

  1. The big misunderstanding explained. Why you don't need to spend upwards to 50k on services to get an enterprise integration.
  2. Understanding when you need to automate data uploads with CA PPM.
  3. Understanding the costs of manual data entry with CA PPM.
  4. How we make it cost effective - Integrations-as-a-Service workflow.
  5. Reporting on integration statistics, what’s important, what’s not.
  6. Question & answer session.