IT-ROI’s Integrations-as-a-Service (IaaS) is a cost effective transparent solution that’s quick and easy to implement and they are fully supported with maintenance included.  Each pre-built and custom integration synchronizes data to CA PPM from any external source or other third party enterprise application to provide a single point of truth, and to provide a common reporting platform for the PMO office.

Replay the webinar on the misconception of CA PPM integrationsOur time to deploy each IaaS is the fastest in the industry, most cases deployment takes less than one day to get you set up for the first integration run.

Each CA PPM pre-built integration-as-a-service costs less than $10,000 for either hosted or non-hosted environments (see individual integration offerings for their cost breakdown). Additionally, we have bundled offerings, please contact us for more information.






Our recent clients have integrated the following products with CA PPM:

  • Jira integrated with CA PPM
  • HP ALM integrated with CA PPM 
  • SAP integrated with CA PPM
  • Capterra integrated with CA PPM
  • Primavera integrated with CA PPM
  • Deltek integrated with CA PPM
  • JD Edwards integrated with CA PPM
  • Oracle integrated with CA PPM
  • Intuit integrated with CA PPM
  • Cognos integrated with CA PPM
  • Netsuite integrated with CA PPM
  • Workday integrated with CA PPM
  • Salesforce integrated with CA PPM
  • ServiceNow integrated with CA PPM
  • Microsoft Excel integrated with CA PPM
  • SharePoint integrated with CA PPM


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