I would like to share my experience with IT-ROI’s CA PPM Excel Interface solution
We initially looked for an interface that provides power users with the capability to download and upload resource allocations into CA PPM. It’s now clear, that after hundreds of data loads sessions by users in the field, this interface saves thousands of working hours, and provides planners with planning flexibility to help avoid wasting time with entering data into CA PPM (especially in cases of roadmap changes, etc.). 
The implementation that took place in 2016, included several customizations to meet our business processes. Over time, we found out that the CA PPM Microsoft Excel solution can provide us additional capabilities that improve the Admin efficiency, such as Rates Matrix updates, Labor and Expense roles creation and updates, Cost Plan updates, etc.
I would like to emphasis the commitment and dedication of the IT-ROI team to understand the customer requirement, deliver the solution and delight the customer. 

Ron Rahav
Sr. IT Manager, Global PPM
Western Digital Corporation


Then we encourage you to read about how we are assisting clients successfully execute projects, and in the process, helping to drive their growth and innovation.


Our Integration Bridge (IB3) is redefining the industry standard when it comes to the time and costs associated with tackling CA Clarity PPM integration challenges. We are proud to have successfully managed translating our knowledge into a solution that the IT industry could never have dreamed of five years ago.

Ericsson is a leading provider of communications infrastructure, services and multimedia solutions. Today, more than 40% of the world’s mobile traffic passes through networks provided by Ericsson. The networks they support for operators serve more than 2 billion subscriptions. This Swedish company is the inventor of Bluetooth technology.
With CA Clarity PPM deployed to run most of their projects, this IT-ROI client faced the problem of tying the status of purchases for all types of expendable supplies and durable goods related to projects into Clarity.
As a project management tool, Clarity-run projects track non-person resources related to a project. However, the actual purchase of goods was managed by an entirely different enterprise application and there was no simple or easy way to update Clarity on a timely basis for the status of purchase orders that gated projects.
Not having timely data in Clarity about the status of purchase order items meant any project being run in Clarity was days behind the actual state of a purchase order on which projects might be gated.
The normal solution for this problem is to allocate one or two highly specialized technical resources, typically outsiders at full IT consultant rates.
These consultants would spend months writing custom GEL/XOG scripts for Clarity to pull in purchase order status data on a regular basis. Such an effort takes on average two to four months and the specialized IT consultants required for these jobs are scarce and in very high demand around the world. Getting these sought after consultants scheduled to tackle this challenge can insert a further 2 month delay or more. In addition, this kind of solution, by its very nature is highly customized and a one-off solution between Clarity and the purchase order system, with little to no flexibility for future modification.
Another problem encountered by this client was that the purchase order information needed to be updated daily, and consisted of hundreds of thousands of purchase order line items. Such a large number of items being pulled into Clarity on a daily basis via the traditional XOG background (BG) engine bogs down Clarity servers, and if not properly managed, can bring a production system to a standstill while the Clarity BG engine processes the GEL scripts.
Those in the IT industry familiar with this problem know it cannot be easily solved – only worked around.
While Ericsson was searching for qualified consultants to write the software interface, they became aware of our entirely new solution to the problem that promised to do the same thing custom GEL scripts could do, be started on immediately, and be ready in a fraction of the time. In addition, the solution promised that the Clarity BG engine would not be executing time-consuming GEL scripts, solving the processing bottle-neck at the same time.
At first Ericsson was sceptical – how could this small company have designed such a big game-changing software that will revolutionize the industry? They rightly wanted proof!
So we demonstrated our new software to them several times and proved each time out that it was indeed capable of achieving everything we claimed it could. The robustness of our new software gave them the confidence to move forward with the purchase of our IB3. We delivered the integrations in a fraction of the time as promised, and they now had a solution that delivers on time information when needed most.
We are very proud to have Ericsson as a client and equally proud of the fact that once they completed their own due diligence and financial analysis they opted for IT-ROI’s new IB3 software to assist them in tackling CA Clarity PPM migration and integration challenges going forward.
As a result, they can now modify existing integrations and create entirely new integrations in a fraction of the time, and cost in-house without the need for the outside specialized consultants.
Our IB3 software has led to a paradigm shift in which companies can, for the first time, begin thinking of multiple integrations across their organization in the time it used to take to accomplish a single one. Gone are the days of creating one-off integrations and waiting on the availability of expensive and hard-to-find IT consultants.
“We are in the business of increasing productivity for our clients — be they in the public or private sector,” says IT-ROI President Federico Pena. “Our IB3 allows them to focus on what really matters instead of worrying about the uncertainties of how long and how much will it take to complete an integration or migration.”
If saving time and money is important to you, then we believe we can help. Let us prove it to you.