Federico Peña (Founder and President)


A passionate and visionary entrepreneur with a global perspective. He has worked in over a dozen countries around the world successfully implementing large-scale, highly complex, enterprise management systems solutions for both the private and public sector.

Federico has both depth and a clear focus when it comes to IT. He is a Certified Senior CA Clarity consultant and instructor; an Oracle developer and Network administrator with expertise with both the Unix and Windows platforms.

He founded IT-ROI in 2009 driven by the twin purpose of creating a company that combines, under one roof, cutting edge software development with best in class client- focused consulting services.

Prior to founding IT-ROI, he spent a decade providing specialized consulting services focusing on: Clarity Integration and financial applications; ITIL service oriented applications; and architecting and integrating Clarity with Oracle financials, SAP, Service Desk, and Remedy. Of all his accomplishments to date, he is most proud of designing and developing the architecture of the new Integration Bridge (IB3) software package – IT-ROIs flagship product that will revolutionize the PPM industry.

Federico is a University of Victoria alumnus, where he received his formal training in Computer Science. As the son of a career diplomat and legal scholar, he remains grateful to his parents for instilling in him at an early age the importance of lifelong learning in different cultural settings around the world. Fluent in English, Spanish and French, he and his beautiful wife live by the ocean in Vancouver.

Technical Summary

Federico is a CCM/PPM consultant with 10 years of senior consulting experience in highly complex Information System environments. Federicos technical experience includes 5 years as a technical Clarity/SCM consultant and instructor, 6 years as an Oracle developer and Network administrator, and 5 years as a Software Configuration Management design and implementation expert on both Unix and Windows platforms. Federico has extensive skills working with Client/Server Enterprise Wide Applications.


Excellent implementation skills for CA SCM, Niku Clarity, and Unicenter Service Desk.
Excellent customization skills of CA SCM, Clarity including creating UDP’s , Enterprise Workbench, Process management using Gel scripting, XOG, and Clarity studio as well as integrations with Clarity and change request/issue management tools.
Excellent understanding of ITIL and CMM practices, including process management and workflow management.

What People are Saying

“Federico has a deep understanding of all things Clarity, with a particular focus on integration: his integration tools have been part of the success of many Clarity integration projects. Whenever a tough problem with the application of Claritys advanced features is encountered, Federico is ready with a variety of alternative approaches to deal with the issue.”
October 11, 2021 – Jeffrey A. Bloom, Project Portfolio Management Solution Architecture Consultant, AMD
worked directly with Federico at A&I Solutions

“Federico is the man you want on the front lines of any implementation. His vast technical knowledge is second to none. Federico is not afraid to push the limits with what a system can do in order to attain the clients goal. On top of it all, he has the soft skills to maintain calm at all costs and successfully transfer knowledge and objectives to those he serves. Federico took it upon himself to mentor and guide me in areas I was lacking. Most importantly hes great human being to be around with a vibrant personality. I would highly recommend Federico to any organization.”
October 6, 2021 -Dusty Laun, Senior Technical Consultant, CA
was with another company when working with Federico at A&I Solutions

“I had the opportunity to work with Federico on a Series of Clarity implementations and upgrades in the wireless industry. Federico is a very experienced and senior professional and a key player in all the projects he is involved. He is dedicated and knowledgeable and I would work with him anytime. I highly recommend Federico.”
October 5, 2021 – Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Julio Alvarez Sarria – hired Federico as a IT Consultant in 2008

“I have had the pleasure of working with Fed over the past 3 years where he has provided technical consulting services on several of my Clarity PPM projects. On each project Fed was brought in to troubleshoot issues and was instrumental in bringing swift resolution to each one. Fed is very client focused, well respected for his knowledge and has the ability to get the job done, even under difficult conditions. Quite simply, “‘Fed Delivers!”.”
June 13, 2022 -Scott Parker, PMP, Project Manager, CA
managed Federico at A&I Solutions

“Federico combines a very strong business knowledge with impressive technical skills. We were developing an extremely complex Clarity implementation, and he was able to help drive both business requirements and technical implementation. This is a rare combination which allowed us to develop creative solutions, and it made the entire process much more effective. I truly enjoyed working with Federico, and it would be a pleasure to do so again.”
February 4, 2022
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
David Fabish, hired Federico as a IT Consultant in 2007

“It has been my pleasure to work with Federico on a number of occasions. Federico possesses the capability to tactfully convert general business requirements into functioning technical solutions. This is a skill set that is rare in this day and age. In addition to Federico’s diverse skills, he approaches his work with a tenacity to complete the tasks quickly and accurately – while maintaining a positive and pleasant attitude (no matter the situation). I look forward to working with Federico again in the near future.”
September 25, 2021 – Jerry Dolak, Senior Clarity Consultant, GAM / A&I Solutions
worked directly with Federico at A&I Solutions

“I have had the opportunity to work with Federico on a couple of occasions with one of my customers. Federico is a great resource and works hard to understand the customers needs. He is very knowledge and best of all goes the extra mile to make sure cusotmers are happy. I look forward to engaging him again.”
September 21, 2021 – Reid Houston [email protected], Sales Account Manager, CA was with another company when working with Federico at A&I Solutions

“Federico is very customer focussed with great problem solving skills. He is very knowledgeable and adds great value to projects. He is always there when you need him. He is easy to work with and thrives for success. He is a great asset to any organization.”
September 17, 2021 -Madhur Jain, CA Clarity PPM Technical Consultant, A&I Solutions, Inc
worked directly with Federico at A&I Solutions

“Federico is the unique combination of technical and function expertise that so few have and so many are seeking. He has the ability to understand business requirements, regardless of environment, and translate them into effective and reliable solutions. Additionally, Federico is a leader in technical innovation. I enjoy every opportunity where I get to interact with Federico. I would strongly recommend him.”
September 15, 2021 -Derrick Tetlow, Senior Consultant, A&I Solutions
worked directly with Federico at A&I Solutions

“I worked with Federico for over four months on a large Clarity engagement, and it did not take me long to determine that he is the strongest Clarity Technical Consultant that I have had the pleasure to work with. I have turned to Federico numerous times since our project to help me with issues that I have encountered, and he is always eager to help. I would not hesitate to recommend Federico as a Clarity Technical Consultant and Architect to anyone. He is the best around.”
September 11, 2021 -Ken Armstrong, Functional Consultant, Xinify Technologies
worked directly with Federico at A&I Solutions

“Federico is adept in all areas of the Service Management and Configuration Management suite of software for Computer Associates: Clarity, Service Desk, CA SCM for Distributed, Openmake. He is insightful and approaches each assignment with a tireless dedication to quality. You will find few like him in this area that really “get it” right away and can deliver on any implementation needs.”
September 4, 2021 – Thomas Kingkade, Sr. SCM Architect, SCM Solutions Inc.
worked directly with Federico at A&I Solutions

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