PPM Excel Interface

Big Box Thinking for Excel Integration

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The PPM Excel Interface is an add-on tool for CA PPM (formerly CA Clarity PPM) for project management. It boosts a company’s ability to manage multiple CA PPM projects with never-before-seen versatility and functionality for bi-directional data integration via Microsoft Excel. The versatility of the PPM Excel interface enables users to extract project data directly into an Excel spreadsheet, allowing mass editing, pin-point validation, and re-submission of all the data, including edits back into CA PPM.

The PPM Excel Interface leverages our Integration Bridge technology to get data and send data back to CA PPM, allowing companies to take advantage of 100% automated XOG (XML Open Gateway) technology that the IB3 provides. With a simple click of a button in the IT-ROI custom Excel ribbon, an entire XOG operation is launched to get or send data to/from CA PPM.

Top 3 reasons to take a deeper look at IT-ROI's
Microsoft Excel Integration with CA PPM

  1. Increase CA PPM user adoption rates with the ease of Excel.
  2. Save time - turn months into weeks, and weeks into days.
  3. Flexible, intuitive, customizable, and configurable.

Mass update CA PPM project data in 4 steps, 
using the PPM Excel Interface