Making XOG friendly - How to build data extracts and integrations from/to CA PPM

By Marc Latreille On June 24, 2016

Replay this webinar for all novice and experienced XOG users who have a need to perform data extracts from CA PPM and integrations out of CA PPM.

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What is XOG with 3 takeaways of XOG & Query Bridge

By Marc Latreille On April 19, 2016

There has been lots of debate over the years regarding XOG and the different XOG tools available. With all this debate comes content surrounding what XOG is and all of the benefits it provides to CA PPM users and developers like us. This post is a listing of some great resources and XOG tools to help build a knowledge base of everything XOG. So dig in and become a XOG expert. Please feel free to leave a comment with suggestions that we can include in the list. 

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Webinar Replay - Learn how to be a XOG Expert

By Marc Latreille On October 02, 2015


This webinar showed how you can use the free tools in XOG & Query Bridge and combine them to see all the powerful things that you can do with CA PPM.


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How to use Microsoft Excel to Map Data into XOG Files, then Update Directly to CA PPM.

By Federico Pena On July 17, 2015


The power of Microsoft Excel is positively dynamic when working with XOG conversions for CA PPM. In case you haven’t heard, IT-ROI continually tries to make PPM simpler, whether it’s small scale to help out worker bees like us or large scale enterprise solutions that we prvide. Everyone wants to save time in their work day, so here is a way to save some of that precious time via Microsoft Excel and IT-ROI’s free-to-use XOG client.

Check out the video tutorial and the 10 steps on how to generate and build your XML files to be able to XOG them directly into CA PPM. 

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New CA PPM XOG Client & Query Bridge "How To" Demo Video

By Marc Latreille On June 02, 2015

The below “how to” XOG and SQL Query demo teaches users how to use IT-ROI's XOG and Query Client (XQ) core functionalities. The intended audience for this tool includes CA PPM integrators, system administrators, and technical consultants who have the need to read data from or write data to CA PPM using XML and web services.  We assume the viewer is already familiar with XML and SQL code and the CA PPM application.

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CA Clarity PPM Action Items XOG API - Download

By Marc Latreille On April 28, 2015

The Action Items XOG API was unpublished functionality that CA developed for CA Clarity PPM Version 12. We got our hands on it, and built an App to enable Action Item approval amongst other things from a mobile device. 

We love to share, so here you go.



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XOG & Query Bridge (XQ) Web Version Change Log

By Federico Pena On March 26, 2015

Date: July 6, 2016

XOG & Query Bridge Version 1.4.0 

New in 1.4.0

  • Menu integration with Integration Manager.
  • Several usability and performance improvements.
  • Bug fixes.


  • New option in XOG tool and NSQL tool to periodically refresh the output preview.
  • Now Text Files (.txt) are allowed as data sources for Data loader tool.
  • New Clear button in 'Transform with XSLT'.
  • Better visualization for big NSQL queries.

Bugs fixed

  • The Data loader tool ignores the delimiter when enclosed in double quotes, in any column of the data source file.

Other changes

  • When running existing queries, the queries list, the filters and the parameters are now displayed in alphabetical order.

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XOG (XML Open Gateway) Best Practices Webinar UK Edition - Replay the Webinar with Q & A Transcript.

By Marc Latreille On March 23, 2015

presidents_itroi-150x150-1The webinar was a huge success with our valued partner in the UK CQC Solutions, We had the best Question & Answer session to date from any of our previous webinars. Federico Pena Bio (seen in the left pic) knocked it out of the park, and provided clear informative answers to all the questions, see the transcript below.

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XOG & Query Bridge User Review from CA Communities - "Great new XOG tool - check it out!"

By Marc Latreille On March 09, 2015

Patting ourselves on the back with some great feedback of our free online and desktop XOG and NSQL Query tool. If you would like to leave a comment about this tool, you can use this XOG & Query Feedback Form.

Thanks Amy for your awesome comments. Link to the original review on the CA Community boards.

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Roadmap 2015 - PPM studioBoss and XQ at CA World 14'

By Marc Latreille On November 08, 2014

Our business short-term and long-term goals with our current and emerging PPM technology solutions to help meet those goals have never been more exciting for us and everyone in the PPM universe.

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