Enterprise Application Integration for CA PPM - Best Practices Workflow

By Marc Latreille On April 27, 2015

During our CA PPM Enterprise Application Integration Best Practices Webinar last week, there was specific interest and time spent around the Integration workflow info-graphic. It was explained step-by-step in great detail, and we received lots of great feedback for it being very helpful. I know it's imperative for every organization to have their enterprise integrations running smoothly and efficiently, so lets highlight it and take another look.

The workflow discussion during the webinar outlined:

  • How data should be treated.

  • What the best approach is for manipulating the data.

  • What the best methodologies are for getting that data in CA PPM to be able to report properly. 

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CA PPM Integration Best Practices Replay Video

By Marc Latreille On March 24, 2015

The majority of this webinar focuses on the CA PPM Integrations best practices workflow info-graphic. Through the info-graphic, we discuss step-by-step how to configure and run your CA PPM Integrations the best possible way so your organization can deal with thousands or millions of records using XOG (XML Open Gateway). > Read more

Replay the Webinar

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CA Technologies and IT-ROI Solutions - Value for money and helping enterprises integrate CA Clarity PPM.

By Marc Latreille On October 20, 2012

IT-ROI Solutions is a performance based integration solution provider and specialized partner with CA Technologies. This partnership delivers value to our customers by our combined force in CA Clarity PPM technical and functional knowledge and Clarity PPM services.

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