PPM Boss Suite 2.2 Release - What's new and Change Log

Posted @ 09/23/2015  07:21 PM By Federico Pena

September 23, 2021


The most exciting edition to the PPM boss suite v2.2 release is the launch of PPM studioBoss. Continue reading for more details on our new SharePoint studio product for CA PPM.



New in 2.2

New product added to the Suite: PPM studioBoss.



  • Allows users to Read/Edit/Create object instances and perform other CA PPM data operations via SharePoint.
  • Includes 20+ sample interfaces to provide working examples of the toolset.
  • Robust and flexible functionality to map additional attributes, objects and data of your choice for bi-directional integration.
  • Allows organizations to create custom PPM environments or workspaces using a building blocks approach when combined with the other PPM Boss suite tools.
  • 100% CA PPM On-demand compliant.




PPM portletBoss

  • portletBoss Pie/Doughnut chart ordered from higher to lower value.
  • Additional Select All” checkboxes included in Edit columns configuration.
  • Included association to studioBoss from portletBoss toolpart.
  • Symbol (*) included as hint in portletBoss “Chart” toolpart for numeric fields in series definition.
  • Query output sorting criteria options added to portletBoss toolpart.
  • Enhancements in columns ordering when using out-of-the-box Datalist templates.
  • Toggle the Export to Excel option on/off.
  • For the Datalist visualization mode, the apply action is automatically triggered when selecting any template.


PPM taskBoss

  • Task type field included in Gantt toolpart for (Summary, Milestone, Task).  


PPM timesheetBoss

  • Improved user interface and application performance.
  • CA PPM Timesheets lock by process now supported.
  • Timesheet validation based on NSQL supported.


Bugs fixed

PPM docBoss

  • Mistyped label in NSQL permissions query for ‘Collaboration’


PPM portletBoss

  • For the Data list visualization mode, the template fields are correctly cleared out when choosing [Select a Template].
  • Column display name not being used as column label for Export to excel functionality.
  • Export to excel functionality displays columns not set as visible in the configuration.
  • Export to excel functionality does not display columns ordered according to configuration.
  • Several issues with portletBoss container size and minor configuration labels changes.
  • Exception not controlled when removing the filter area from a portletBoss toolpart.
  • Issues when displaying series and categories contents in a portletBoss toolpart.
  • Issue preventing the use of all columns as parameters to build link expressions.


PPM taskBoss

  • Access issues affecting users with “Read” permissions caused by taskBoss configuration webpart.


Other changes



Release Notes:

  •          CA PPM v13.x or above installed and configured.
  •          A CA PPM Account for the Interface.
  •          CA PPM user names should match Active Directory accounts.
  •          Microsoft SharePoint 20101 or 20132 (any edition).
  •          Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.
  •          Installation Directory Structure. - PPM Boss > CA PPM > SharePoint



  • PPM Boss suite can be installed in SharePoint 2010; however, 
    PPM studioBoss is available for SharePoint 2013 only.
  • SharePoint 2013 administrators should do additional steps in order 
    to make SharePoint 2013 iframe ready.
  • Both CA PPM and SharePoint must use the same protocol to
    avoid mixed content browser issues. Both applications must be either https or http.
  • Version 2.2.0 Change Log:


For further help understanding these changes and how they effect your organization, please contact the support team: https://support.itroisolutions.com/

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