CA PPM's GEL "The Necessary Evil" Best Practices with Files Download

Posted @ 05/13/2015  08:38 PM By Marc Latreille


That's right, GEL is the the necessary evil when it comes to CA PPM. Poorly written GEL scripts cause all sorts of issues that everyone wants to avoid. Just because you can do anything in GEL, doesn't mean that you should. >More

Watch the GEL Webinar and learn best practices that are explained, with tips & tricks we've picked up along the way. Also download the slide decks used in the webinar with the example scripts.

Go to Video & Get the Files

CA PPM GEL Scripting Best Practices:

List is from the CA slide deck used in the webinar, provided by: Sean Harp and Kelly Limberg with CA Technologies

  1. All SQL and SOAP tags should be wrapped in gel exception handling.

  2. All SQL tags should utilize bind parameters.

  3. All debug statements should be controlled via a parameter that is optional when needed.

  4. All complex SQL statements need to be analyzed for performance implications.  This can be done via EXPLAIN PLAN in a SQL tool.

  5. If the GEL script is performing XOG read/write actions in a loop, the XOG login and logout actions must be outside of the loop.

  6. SQL update statements should not be utilized against anything other than custom tables or ODF_CA_<obj> tables.

  7. SQL insert/delete statements should only be used on custom tables.

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