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Career Opp with IT-ROI - Sales Development Representatives

By Christopher Claunch On November 13, 2015

We”re looking for idea-driven professionals who are willing to take risks, commit to results, and make decisions (and then act) quickly, all while being highly engaged with our customers. If you are serious about being part of our team, then check out this opportunity.

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How to Make PPM epiphany at Gartner PPM Summit

By Christopher Claunch On June 27, 2014

Federico our CEO and I have been skeptical about the value of attending Trade Shows and User group meetings as many of us are. We had to ask ourselves some questions before we were sold on attending the Gartner PPM Summit and also create a value add plan for those we would be interacting with. Are the attendees looking for new solutions there or simply looking for a break from their hectic day to day work schedule? Maybe a little search for panacea, a surprise, or finally finding the Rosetta Stone? Will they be listening to us? Well whatever their intention, we figured if we are going to get through to the attendees, we had better have a short but powerful message for them. We knew we would have to answer the reoccurring question; what do you do at IT ROI Solutions? Answer: "We make PPM Simpler".

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See firsthand how we make PPM simpler via innovation at the Gartner PPM & IT Summit

By Christopher Claunch On May 05, 2014

Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit 2014, 2 – 4 June in National Harbor, MD, delivers the insight PPM leaders need to spearhead innovation, drive organizational change and make business strategy reality. Eight targeted tracks span PPM priorities, from the PMO to risk, organizational change and resource management.

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What does Agile mean to You?

By Christopher Claunch On April 30, 2013

First and foremost, I am uniquely qualified to inspire people to be their best especially when it comes to health, wellness, and life productivity. From a technical perspective it is well known I am not the teacher. I mean please, I can't do it all. That being said I am going to jump into this blog post asking the question "What Does Agile Mean to You?

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