Big picture thinking with CA PPM
enterprise integrations.

Big value, big disruption, big performance. Guaranteed.

CA PPM (formerly CA Clarity PPM) provides the visibility, control, and automation to support today’s most critical business processes, including IT Governance (ITG), New Product Development (NPD), Risk and Controls Management (RCM) and Enterprise Program Management (EPM). Your other business systems and applications must connect to CA PPM in order to achieve maximum visibility across systems for maximum performance. This is where IT-ROI Solutions comes in, we know that implementation costs associated with integrating CA PPM with outside enterprise applications are complex and significant. So we successfully developed PPM integration tools to make the job faster, easier and more cost effective.

Connect Integration Bridge (IB3) to your CA PPM universe, and have your systems integrated to perform the way your enterprise demands, in record time, guaranteed. Be more successful with 70% less cost and downtime time when it comes to CA PPM enterprise integrations.


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What it is, what it does.

IB3 is an easy-to-use configurable CA PPM integration tool that substitutes the traditional GEL script method of creating enterprise integrations when used with CA PPM. It provides complete authoring ability to rapidly create license free unrestricted CA PPM integrations. IB3 allows your IT department to quickly and easily create integrations to/from CA PPM with a flexible array of data sources and targets (CSV, Excel, Database or Web services), with no data load restrictions. It offers you the flexibility of adding pre and post processing data validation using stored procedures or inline scripts, allowing complex business rules that can be implemented on the fly as data is processed. All integrations the IB3 runs are via XOG (XML Open Gateway), insuring the integrity of the CA PPM data that is imposed by XOG while leveraging CA PPM's security model.


There are no limits to what type of enterprise data
that can be integrated with CA PPM.