Our Cloud Products

Public Cloud Hosting

Improve the flexibility of your enterprise infrastructure while ensuring the safety and privacy of your data with Private Cloud solutions from IT-ROI Cloud. Instantly spin up and spin down compute resources to match your workload needs and easily weave physical, dedicated servers into your infrastructure when and where it makes sense.


Hybrid Cloud

IT-ROI's Hybrid Cloud offers the benefit of being able to store large amounts of information in the public cloud, while keeping sensitive information private. This allows businesses to utilize the free and flexible options available on the public cloud to attract and interact with customers while controlling costs. This provides a great deal of flexibility in computing tasks, while keeping the most vital components within the company firewall.

Managed Cloud 

IT-ROI Cloud Managed Services provides an enterprise-grade managed cloud environment, highly secure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for web, mobile and apps without the hassle and cost of doing it yourself. Our cloud is flexible, scalable, and easy to deploy, but someone still has to run it. We’ll focus on your infrastructure so you can focus on your business. Our cloud specialized expertise will take the stress out of running a cloud infrastructure.

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