SharePoint Integrated Solutions for CA PPM

PPM made simpler via a UI everyone is familair with.

100% enterprise wide team and document collaboration, with dynamic Portlets, no coding required.

SharePoint integration with CA PPM

Ideaton platform & Agile solution with 6 ways to sync project tasks.


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We believe the best way to provide solutions that offer the best value for money is to supply synergistic PPM services and software. As an upstart CA PPM consulting firm, our mission was to offer simplified PPM services that were unbeatable, so we successfully built CA PPM integration tools, connectors, and adapters to achieve that. Today we still utilize our integration tools on service engagements, but developed them for deployment for the end user as well. 

Integration Bridge - enterprise integrations

Integraton Bridge

IB3 substitutes the traditional GEL script method of creating integrations when used with CA PPM. It provides complete authoring ability to rapidly create license free unrestricted CA PPM integrations. 

CA PPM Excel Interface

PPM Excel Interface

Mass update and manage CA PPM project data using 100% automated XOG technology,
with never-before-seen versatility and functionality for bi-directional data integration via Microsoft Excel. 

XOG and Query Bridge for CA PPM

XOG & Query Bridge

Free for all onPremise or onDemand CA PPM users. This 2-in-1 web-based tool offers XOG web services and NSQL Query automated technology to help you stay productive in your PPM universe.

XOG Best Practices for CA PPM


Webinar Topics:

  • Batching XOG Files
  • Using XSLT with XML
  • XSLT examples
  • Fixing Dates, (Language, NLS settings)
  • Unicode vs ANSI
  • Auto numbering with XOG
  • CA PPM tools and add-ons: XOG Client live demo

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