SharePoint Integrated Solutions for CA PPM

Create and deliver any CA PPM bi-directional integration with SharePoint seamlessly.

100% enterprise wide team and document collaboration, with dynamic Portlets, no coding required.

SharePoint integration with CA PPM

Ideation platform & Agile solution with 6 ways to sync project tasks.


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We believe the best way for organizations to achieve the greatest IT-ROI with their CA PPM Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) requirements is to provide synergistic PPM Solutions and EAI Software tools.

As an upstart CA PPM consulting firm, our mission was to offer simplified PPM services and solutions that were unbeatable. So we successfully developed and released CA PPM EAI tools and solutions to achieve that mission. Today, our CA PPM integration tools are used by some of the world’s largest companies, and our free web-based XOG Client is widely adopted throughout the PPM community.  IT-ROI's CA PPM Integrations-as-a-Service provide unbeatable value for money when it comes to pricing, deployment time, resource requirements, and support. 

IaaS - CA PPM integrations-as-a-Service

CA PPM Integrations-as-a-Service

Cost effective, transparent solutions that are quick and easy to implement.  Synchronize CA PPM with any enterprise application to provide a single point of truth, and a common reporting platform for the PMO office.

CA PPM Excel Interface

PPM Excel Interface

Mass update and manage CA PPM project data using 100% automated XOG technology,
with never-before-seen versatility and functionality for bi-directional data integration via Microsoft Excel. 

XOG and Query Bridge for CA PPM

XOG & Query Bridge

Free for all onPremise or onDemand CA PPM users. This 2-in-1 web-based tool offers XOG web services and NSQL Query automated technology to help you stay productive in your PPM universe.

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GEL "The Necessary Evil"

Poorly written GEL (Generic Execution Language) scripts for CA PPM can cause system slowdowns and performance issues that every organization wants to avoid. 

We are here to help with the necessary evil we call GEL. This webinar covers GEL best practices, Tips & Tricks, XOG in GEL with examples that can be downloaded, and GEL related questions are answered. > Read more


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Ericsson Success with IT-ROI

With CA PPM deployed to run most of Ericsson's projects, this IT-ROI client faced the problem of tying the status of purchases for all types of expendable supplies and durable goods related to projects into CA PPM.

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